The GuériSoeur approach

GuériSoeur was born with the aim to share so that, after a few meetings with me, you can be in charge of your own equilibrium. In health, there is no better medicine than the one in which we believe, and no worse than the one that hurts us.

With micronutrition, it is possible to improve the way chronic and persistent diseases are handled. Candida infection, thyroid issues, autoimmune affections, recurring infections, degenerative joint disease, sleep disorders, depression, cancer, diabetes, obesity… This is a long list, yet not exhaustive.

Micronutrition is a fairly recent discipline born in the ’80s and with very solid scientific founding principles. Supervised by the European Institute of Micronutrition, it aims at teaching therapists and doctors to heal without being detrimental to the patients on the long run. Its principles help the human body to use its marvellously designed machine back to physiologic equilibrium.

It is the prefect balance between the holistic approach and the scientific rigour of allopathic medicine.

Micronutrition, how does it work?

Micronutrition consists in satisfying people’s need in micronutrients by eating a balanced diet and with dietary supplement if necessary. Source: IEDM.

What are its principles ?

Everyone is unique : : we don’t have the same metabolism nor the same needs. Micronutrition studies people and not only what their plates contain. It is mandatory to adapt people’s intakes to their profile.

From standard medicine...

Micronutrition relies on publications from standard medicine. Here are a few examples of principles inherited from allopathic studies. 

  • The connection between Iodine deficit and hypothyroidism
  • The connection between Iron deficit and extensive fatigue
  • The connection between Magnesium deficit and persistent stress

… to micronutrition

Micronutrition will go a step further by considering:

  • The reasons why someone will not assimilate certain micronutrients as well as the way to maximise it.
  • The close connection between the different functions in the body (brain, immune system and digestion).

No symptom is left aside, everything can be relevant!

To avert and to cure

The main interest of micronutrition is to avert pathologies before they settle. Yet, in the case they have indeed settled, micronutrition will help by treating the root cause and get back to equilibrium.

In which situations micronutrition can help me ?

If you wonder what micronutrition can provide, here are a few troubles for which it can show its efficiency:

  • Alleviate PAIN: degenerative joint disease, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia…
  • Fight against allergies, skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema
  • Help regulate digestion
  • Prevent and accompany serious diseases (cancer, auto-immune DISEASE, Alzheimer…)
  • Improve our BRAIN’s operation (concentration, relaxation, sleep…)
  • Relieve EATING DISORDERS (compulsions) and OBESITY
  • Relieve from exhaustion and burn-out
  • Improve hormonal STATUS (infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause)

Don’t hesitate to contact me. Every discomfort is worth taking into account !